Dinner plate circa 1930

The San Claudio factory in 1949


San Claudio was founded in the same name's village, near the city of Oviedo (Spain), where there was since history is known an ancient ceramic industry. This produced the adequate surrounding for the foundation of the second fine china company to be developed in Spain .

In these circumstances, in 1901 Mr. Senén Ceñal , with the help of local bankers, whose strength came from the mining and metallurgical industries that were then developing in the area, buys the premises of an ancient ceramic tile industry to create what was then the very modern factory of Fine English China of San Claudio.

Since its beginnings, San Claudio used the most modern techniques of ceramic decoration under glaze. Under glaze decoration is the only way to guarantee that patterns and colours remain unaltered for ever.


Dinner plate decorated by chalcographic stamp in 1940



Hand painted soup tureen in 1948



Under the helm of its founder and due to its pioneering decoration techniques, San Claudio enjoys an era of great development and success.

After World War I, the company is acquired by a local industrial family, whose founder Mr. José Fuentes, gets involved in day to day operations of the company, undoubtly engaged by the beauty of it products. With him San Claudio achieves its second era of splendour, as the national leader in manufacturing of high quality tableware.

In that time, and after the end of restrictions imposed during war time, the company starts to use white clays imported from England, which guarantee the highest purity and colour uniformity, and which have been used ever since.

In the 1960's the factory is one of the first to use under glaze transfers for decoration. Which such a method you achieved a quality unknown until then, and which has not been surpassed since then.

Hand painted dinner plate in 1950

In the last years of the twentieth century, San Claudio starts its internationalisation process, that takes it to establish a solid standing in markets like Italy, a market where quality and design are specially important where all the first companies are present. You can also find San Claudio products in countries as distant and different as Chile , Dominican Republic , Morocco , Poland , Finland or Germany.


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